"OREMUS", Pádraig Ó Tuama:

So let us pick up the stones over which we stumble, friends, and build altars. ⁣
Let us listen to the sound of breath in our bodies. ⁣
Let us listen to the sounds of our own voices, of our own names, of our own fears. ⁣
Let’s claw ourselves out from the graves we’ve dug.⁣
Let’s lick the earth from our fingers. ⁣
Let us look up and out and around. ⁣
The world is big and wide and wild and wonderful and wicked, and our lives are murky, magnificent, malleable, and full of meaning. ⁣
Oremus. Let us pray.

It had been 7 years between visits, ⁣
not much had changed but time.⁣


Vilma and Tainara took us to their favorite fishing hole, there were a couple nibbles but no fish were caught. ⁣
Their Mothers, below, go fishing almost every day and are able to catch these small fish that provide their children with extra nutrition. 

Penitents, 2019⁣
"Now I rejoice in what was suffered for you” Epistle to the Colossians 1:24 

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