Reconectando / Reconnecting

This return to Bahia felt very different for me, a lot of time was spent reconnecting with friends and families I haven’t seen in years and less time photographing. The joy of everyone being healthy, the surprise of new children and sadness on the loss of loved ones. After 4 years much has changed, but mostly, so much was the same. I’m not sure where to start so I will share as I edit. These are from the sem-teto building near the Bonfim in Salvador. When I was here last there were many families living in the old factory, now there are two and they have negotiated housing with the government but are awaiting news on when and where. Next time, this building will probably be gone… 

I’m usually good with notes of names but somehow forgot to write any down from here. I vaguely remember the Mother from a previous visit, but I may just be trying to connect a face to a place. It’s a tough situation to live in but they are making the best of it. Three very smart, fun and energized boys, one daughter and I believe she was pregnant again. Her husband was working up the road, he came by for a moment to drop off a toy for the youngest but couldn’t stay long. 

Bringing back the blog!

It’s been a minute, plus or minus two years, since I posted to my blog. Looking through the photos on my phone I thought no better time then now to start the blog back up. I’m not going to go through the challenge of copying over years of posts that are on Blogger so here’s a link to the good ol’ days through my eyes - 

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